A round holographic calendar

for the new millennium




Since the dawn of civilisation men observed the nature, followed its cycles and tried to measure time. Many societies had a round perception of time, therefore their calendars were illustrated in a round form. However, creating a truly feasible calendar in circular shape only became possible with the emergence of digital computers and touchscreen technology, which would enable the user to perpetually traverse the timeline in any direction, by directly spinning the calendar.


In 2012 such a calendar was made for the first time by our team, in the form of a mobile app named CircleTime, which is available for Apple iOS devices. The product received an innovation award by Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, and has since gained thousands of users across the globe, who have recognised the value of circular time presentation. Although the touchscreen with its many supported gestures enables unprecedented ways of interaction, it is essentially still a screen, with all the constraints of a physical object.


Now we are set on placing another milestone by announcing a round spinning calendar that is freed from such limitations - a calendar placed in the augmented reality that will allow a truly natural way of exploring time in three dimensions. The project is currently in development for the Microsoft’s HoloLens platform, with further plans to adapt it for similar devices like the rumoured Apple VR.


Say hello to the future.