What is CircleTime and what’s it for?

CircleTime is a mobile calendar app developed for iPhone and iPad, featuring a unique circular presentation that is modeled after the 24-hour analog clock. In short, it lets you create events and plan your day-to-day activities. We kindly invite you to give it a try and explore all of its features.


I’m considering using CircleTime but am unsure if this is the app for me…

If you are in need of a calendar planner which provides all the essential information at a glance, then this is the app for you. If you are tired of the same old square calendars out there, then this is the app for you. If you simply enjoy trying out new things and are curious to see what the next update will bring, then this app is also for you.


Does CircleTime require a registration with a user account?

Heck no! You just download it, swipe a few slides of welcome screen, then give it a spin!


Does CircleTime support Family Sharing?

Family Sharing is supported, but only for the yearly subscription.


Should I be concerned for my privacy by using CircleTime?

Nope. We are a team of individuals who greatly value our own privacy, and we equally respect the privacy of others. More detailed information is available in the CircleTime Privacy Policy.


What is the fastest way to reach you if I find a bug, have a problem or a suggestion?

Please write us to info@galilea.si for the quickest response from us.


Is there an Android version? Do you plan to make one?

There are no plans to make an Android version, sorry to say.


What about Apple Watch version? Do you plan to make that?

Development for Apple Watch is well underway, and a version featuring a fully functional daily view is already available. More features will be released shortly via incremental updates, rather than releasing everything at once.


Will CircleTime run on my Mac?

It will, but only if you have a model with Apple M1 processor or newer.


Will you be making a version for the upcoming Apple Vision Pro?

We are happy to confirm that CircleTime is already compatible with Apple Vision Pro, and you don’t need to purchase a separate subscription for it.

After we’re done with expanding the app functionality, we will also look into utilising the spatial computing environment more fully.



I downloaded and subscribed to CircleTime on my iPhone. Will this subscription be recognized if I also download it on iPad, Mac or Vision Pro? What of Apple Watch?

Of course. The one subscription works for all devices signed into the same Apple ID that you purchased the subscription with. If this doesn’t happen automatically when you first start the app, then please use the ‘Restore’ button in the subscription popup menu. This will sync the subscription manually.


For a properly functional Apple Watch version, your Watch needs to be paired with an iPhone. If CircleTime on your iPhone has an active subscription, it will also be recognised on the paired Watch.


I purchased CircleTime years ago, and now I have to pay again for a subscription. Why is that?

When the app was first released we wanted to make it affordable to as many users as possible. Little did we know that peddling it for $1.99 would barely cover the electricity bill, much less all the other costs involved with professional app development. The only way to provide new features and an ongoing technical support - without resorting to tracking and displaying ads, that is - was to switch to a subscription. To this end we rewrote the entire app so that it would work smoothly on new devices, and to generally make it better than before in every possible way. The resulting v3.0 continues to grow thanks to the support of its users, and it will only keep getting better!


Please note that if you have a device running iOS 14 or earlier (down to iOS 8), you can still download the old version of the app (v2.3.5) that you purchased way back when.


I noticed that the Time Tracker / Project Recorder is no longer available since version 3.0. Did you forget to include it?

Time tracking is a functionality that was also planned to be rewritten for the new version, but we later decided to include it post-release at the earliest opportunity. We aimed to have it ready by December 2023, but since it was later decided to shift focus on Apple Watch instead, time tracker function will come with some delay.


What should I do if my widgets turn blank or are no longer refreshing?

There are several things you can try:

restart your device (this usually does the trick)

open Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services, and verify that Location Services is switched ON. Then open Settings > CircleTime > Location, and verify that the option selected is “While Using the App or Widgets”.

Open Settings > Face ID & Passcode (or Touch ID & Passcode), and verify that Lock Screen Widgets is switched ON.

remove and re-add the widget in question

delete CircleTime app and re-download it

If none of the above solutions work, please write us to info@galilea.si and include your device model and iOS version.