Freya works automatically. It will adjust the length of your cycle, keep record of previous cycles, notify you about the optimal time to try conceiving and the upcoming period. All that is required on your end is this:

Each period must be confirmed with this button which then changes its appearance.

This periodic confirmation is the only rule to adhere to if you want Freya to work with precision.

When you first run the app it will ask for the first day of your most recent period. This is the starting day of your current cycle. You can also adjust the default period length and how long the cycle usually lasts. You may change these parameters at any time within app settings, although this is not required.

Only entered at the beginning. The cycle is then periodically confirmed with the confirmation button. The length of a new cycle is adjusted automatically.

The ‘increased safety’ option is recommended when you wish to avoid unwanted pregnancy. This is due to possible discrepancies, which are not predictable in advance.

Always consider your safety before everything else. It is never possible to anticipate all of the various outside influences which may change your cycle and the exact days in which you are fertile, so it’s advisable to use protection every time. Taking basal body temperature is a method for determining the exact day of ovulation, however, this day is only known for certain once it has already passed.

Freya will notify you when the fertile days commence. This way it will be easier to conceive.

Congratulations, you will become a mother. :) Freya is already counting down the remaining days.

Freya is a calendar tool which uses data from past cycles and statistic probability in order to present relevant information. Conception is possible on the ovulation day alone, but there is a chance to get pregnant only if you had intercourse on that exact day or several days before it. Freya lets you catch these days with ease, depending on your goal. This is why Freya is an ideal conception gadget. Have a look at some of the other methods for finding the ovulation day. Using more than one method at the same time will give you a broader picture of your menstrual cycle. In case the pregnancy is not desired, using constant protection is the most reliable option. Everything else is a game of chance.

You can choose between a background that changes patterns according to the current phase of the cycle and a plain one without any patterns.

Only for fun, perhaps to spark an idea. :) Freya can suggest various positions, but only if you turn this option on.

Regardless what your goal may be, it is a fact that different positions offer various chances of conceiving. Sex is a good workout and a way to burn some calories. It is great for relieving stress and creating serotonin, the happiness hormone. It relaxes body and mind. So many positive things. You can take these poses for fun and have a good laugh at them. You can ignore them. Or, you can give them a try. It’s your choice.