Simple descriptive graphics serve to convey a clear message about which part of cycle you’re currently in.



Freya offers all in one place


helps you to reach your goal – get pregnant or avoid pregnancy


precisely calculates time of your fertile days and other parts of menstrual cycle months in advance


notifies you about parts of menstrual cycle you are in and alerts when your menstruation is late


keeps diary of your past cycles


in time of pregnancy counts down days to due date and offers description of pregnancy week by week


takes care of your intimacy with a passcode and adjustable notification text - only you will have the information about your cycles



Freya will accompany you in time of pregnancy


When you get pregnant Freya calculates and counts down  the days to due date.


It will offer you insight in that special time by including description of pregnancy week by week - about happening in your body, development of the baby and some useful tips.






• a round, spinning calendar for better monitoring of cycles

• minimalistic and comprehensive user interface

• descriptive and fun notifications

• notifications about fertile days and the optimal time to conceive

• the average length of your cycle is automatically adjusted each month



Above all,


Freya is simple to use, with all the necessary information you and your gynecologist will need. Her mission is to be helpful when you are either trying to conceive or avoid conception. Freya offers a clear solution for your goal. It will also accompany you in time of pregnancy - by counting down the days to due date and description on pregnancy week by week.


It is a powerful ovulation calculator which will learn how to adjust the length of your cycle from you.




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Freya keeps track of:



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