Freya’s only aim is to provide knowledge about yourself,

 thus providing freedom and peace of mind.

To deepen your confidence in Freya here is some important information about the functioning of your body. Freya visually depicts the beautiful process of nature inside you and in addition predicts in advance. Freya’s motto is simplicity. It provides information in the simplest way. The information is clear and visual and gives you confidence.

Menstrual Cycle

Let us consider the most common 28-day cycle. The first day of menstruation is also the first day of the cycle. The cycle consists of recurring events that are repeated again and again in the same interval.


Time of ovulation is about 24 hours. Only in those 24 hours your egg can be fertilized. Ovulation occurs 14 days before the next menstruation, but because of all the natural waves, the ovulation lasts 12-16 days before the next menstruation. The precise time of the next menstrual period is unknown and we try to predict it. We predict it fairly easily using a statistical method.

Thus, we quickly realize that you have 5 possible days during which the ovulation occurs, provided we know the exact date of the next menstrual period, which by no means means that it will take place on the scheduled day. Therefore, the number of days when you can ovulate thus increases.


Since sperm can wait in ambush for your egg for 5 days, the number of days of conception increases by as much as 5 days to the day when you can conceive. So we already get a 10-day period during which you can become pregnant.

But this is still an idealized image of the possible days for conception as you do not know exactly when your next cycle will occur. When pregnancy is not desirable, the use of protection is highly recommended, in fact it is mandatory.

Display of fertile days in the 26-day-cycle.

Display of fertile days in the 30-day-cycle.

As far as the length of the cycle, fluctuations can occur, as with any process in nature. It is this fluctuation that outlines the longer period in which you can become pregnant. This period is in the regular 28-day cycle about the same as outlined below, while in the case of bigger oscillations it can still change. It is just about maximizing the period when you can get pregnant, just for your own safety.

This is the time when you might become pregnant in the ordinary course of the 28-day cycle. Maybe it seems a lot, but the surprise is in place, because you are now more aware, and this is Freya’s purpose.


Remember that Freya records and accounts the length of your cycle. It always outlines only your picture of the fertile days. You will realize the beauty of your natural cycle and also understand it better.