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A calendar for the new millennium


Ljubljana, Slovenia – 14th December 2016


CircleTime, with its round structure, enables a time display of limitless possibilities. It also represents a new way of understanding time.


The calendar is in the form of a rotating circle that, as a clock, moves through time, showing a day, month and year. It simultaneously shows the length of daylight for each day in a year for every town in the world, thus enabling an optimal use of your time. You are able to create, download or record an event that contains a map, exact location, travelling time, notes and all available reminders connected to the event. The number of days up to any chosen date in a year is also displayed. You can also locate the direction of the north using the CircleTime and the Sun position. This unique way of recording enables all possible features where by using a rotating calendar you travel through time back and forth.


The rotating calendar for the future is now shown in a new updated form, with an automatic daytime nighttime switch. »CircleTime goes beyond all available time recording systems, the time is displayed in a natural way, the way as it should always have been,« says Dejan Durini, one of the inventors of the new calendar.


CircleTime is available in the App Store. Only in December the discount price for you will be $3.


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