CircleTime calendar app reviews

Lepo in uporabno ★★★★★

by TuttiFrutti54 – Dec 7, 2023


Aplikacijo uporabljam skoraj eno leto in sem zelo zadovoljna s koledarjem, ki je hkrati minimalističen in obenem ponuja vse kar je najbolj pomembno za ucinkovito planiranje raznih aktivnosti. Tukaj mi najbolj pridejo prav podatki o vremenu ter dolžini dneva. Za hiter pregled cez najbolj aktualne podatke je na izbiro kar nekaj prilagodljivih widgetov, ki se jih da kombinirati na način da se prav lepo dopolnjujejo. Sicer se pa sam app odpira hitro in je zelo odziven. Mogoce se najbolj izstopa ravno krozni koledar na mesecnem pogledu, ki ga je prav zabavno vrteti. Zanimiva je tudi informacija kdaj se prične določen letni čas, npr. z enim tapom na napis “Zima” se izpise začetni datum ter koliko dni je se do takrat. To je dobrodosel dodatek tudi zato, ker se solsticij ali ekvinokcij ne zgodi nujno vsako leto na isti dan. Zacetna uporaba in spoznavanje vmesnika sta bila malce počasna, vendar so bila animirana navodila tukaj v veliko pomoč. Zelo je fajn da se jih da poljubno vklopiti/izklopiti in ne silijo uporabnika cez vse korake, temvec lahko izberes samo opis tistega kar te trenutno zanima. Toplo priporocam in se veselim novih funkcij!


Developer Response - Dec 9, 2023

Lepa hvala od celotne ekipe za tako temeljit opis in krasno oceno! :)



Good… ★★★★★

by Happy Sam 90 – Oct 31, 2023


Could be better. I would like the ability to control notifications and add other calendars.


Developer Response - Nov 2, 2023

Many thanks for your review and the feedback! More control over notifications will be added soon. As for other types of calendars - we will look into this and plan accordingly. Please let us know if there are specific calendars that you had in mind. You can also write us to for faster response.



All in one place - the best overview of events ★★★★★

by Dejan Durini – Jun 2, 2023


CircleTime is hands down the best calendar app I've ever used! It combines all the important information in one place and provides an excellent overview of my schedule and events. Extremely satisfied!



Widget ★★★★

by spasstie – Feb 19, 2023


Pleaaaase do a widget!! 😍🙏🏼 I looove this app, but I would use it much more if there was a simpler version, visible on the homescreen.. 📲 But I'm sure you are working on it. Thank you for this app!



Lovely, but Needs Widgets ★★★

by ChrisMangyWolf – Oct 13, 2022


This app is very beautiful, but I find myself returning to Apple’s free calendar app because of the easily accessible widgets, which can be added to the Home Screen and quickly referenced for scheduling reminders. I think adding several widget options for CircleTime, such as a moon phase widget and a widget each for day/week/month, will definitely make this app worth the sub. Without Home Screen widgets, I find that it is easy to forget I even have this app (one that I paid for) installed! It was for this reason I gave it 3 stars. However, I did subscribe for the year in the hopes that developers might be encouraged (or perhaps already have plans) to add this feature! All and all, this is a visually-pleasing app with a lot of potential! (pagan Wheel of the Year theme, anyone?)



Beautiful App 5 ★★★★★

by thisiseasy – Edited Sep 13, 2022


I absolutely LOVE this app! Thank you for making something functional and different than the usual spreadsheet. This makes me feel like I’m more in-tune with the earths natural cycles. Possible improvement for developer: I would love to be able to choose if I want my week view to start on Sunday or Monday, would this be possible? Thank you! UPDATE: The developer quickly responded to my idea and has already implemented it! It’s only been a couple weeks. Thank you so much, this is the best calendar app out there!



Ready to reflect 5 ★★★★★

by REALc21TOR – Aug 31, 2022


So this is the starting of my trial. I love the concept. Not the price. I do believe in energy exchange that compliments. Usually it’s a solid no ! I won’t even think about offering any kinda redundancy system that will result in ///another pay subscription commitment\\\ Circling is cool (usually),so I can see it has potential but aside from that “form” seems this offers me less details, costs more. Does form matter? Will this circle system finally help me articulate “ ALL “ the details that I have circling within.



Completely rebuilt - I love this app ★★★★★

by dragonandonion – May 4, 2022

I’ve been looking forward to this rerelease and was not disappointed. I love the way the app places the present moment at the centre and depicts conceptual time in a circle around it. Breaking with the linearity of our conventional depiction of time the focus is always Now. So much information is presented in a single view, it’s a very cool way to rewire your thinking. It’s a little fiddly to use at first. I was swiping too widely and couldn’t get the screens to change. When I contacted the developers they were really helpful and quickly uncovered what I was doing wrong. The person I spoke with was warm, patient and pleasant. That in itself makes a difference. It’s working perfectly now. Very happy to give this app and its makers five stars.



Perfect! Brilliant! (with a bit of fun too) ★★★★★

vby Manic Bobo – Mar 14, 2018 / Version 2.3.4 United States


This is a great calendar.  Pretty much everything in it is intuitive without needing much past the graphical tutorial. It takes a bit of getting used to, but, after about an hour of playing with it I was able to do anything I needed without fiddling around.  The finger swipes to move around are pretty simple.   I was surprised that finding any date was actually faster than with a standard grid calendar.  Using a round calendar really does make sense after all, and it’s kind of fun to use. Only thing I can find that’s missing for me, is the red dot events left to do count on the home screen icon.



Interessant gemacht ★★★★

by macxiim – Feb 15, 2018 / Version 2.3.4 United States


Die Bedienung des Kalenders erfordert etwas Übung - aber dies ist außer acht zu lassen. Insgesamt eine sehr schöne Übersicht über die Termin.

Keine fünf Sterne weil - bei der inhaltlichen Ansicht des Termins, wird die Standard OS-App „Kalender“ zur Anzeige gebracht, was natürlich ein Bruch im User-Interface ist. Auch ist das Annehmen von Einladungen in der CircleTime-App nicht möglich.

Hoffentlich wird dieses Verhalten in eine baldigen Update zum besseren geändert!



Fuldt overblik ★★★★★

by Bai Han Dan 白汉丹 – Jan 7, 2018 / Version 2.3.3 Denmark


Nu har jeg nemt og fuldt overblik over en hel arbejdsdag.



More natural and elegant ★★★★★

by SyedThameem – Jan 3, 2018 / Version 2.3.3 India


This is something close to what I was looking for. Thank you!



Missing shared calendar ★★★★★

by Olidammara – Jan 2, 2018 Version 2.3.3 Canada


Hi guys, just got circle time. Got a question for you, there is a google calendar that is being share with me and my wife and I don't see it in the list. Please help thanks. Besides that issue, I love it.


Developer Response - Jan 5, 2018

Hi, if the calendar is visible in system Calendar app then make sure you have the latest iOS version. If this google calendar is not visible in Calendar app you need to enable it in Settings -> Accounts & Passwords -> select corresponding account for this calendar -> enable Calendars switch (for iOS 11). If you still have problems please write us to our support email for quickest response: Thanks!



没有中文的说明习惯了操作以后很不错的日历应用 ★★★★★

by 还可以就是容量会变来变去 – Dec 16, 2017


挺有创意有三点建议 1,有提醒事项建议加入角标 2,最好加入widget 3,待办事项左滑返回日历 4,添加待办事项的按钮移动到下面



Am Anfang etwas unübersichtlich .... ★★★★★

by Marple-12 – Dec 4, 2017


...aber mit WOW-Effekt! Sehr schön.



좋아요  ★★★

by 도라돌e – Sep 5, 2017

시계형 타임테이블 어플 중에 가장 직관적이고 사용도 편리하네요 근데 가장 아숴운 점이 위젯 설정이 없어요 위젯 좀 개발 해 주세요



Ottima ★★★★★

by marcoqf – Apr 19, 2017


quest'app è veramente ben fatta. La consiglio


Looks great ★★★★

by DigiDutch – Apr 14, 2017


First impression is great.


Sehr gut ★★★★★

by Giblackbee – Apr 13, 2017


Guter Wecker bzw. Timer. Gute Arbeit!


Very Up to Date ★★★★★

by rathaDWC – Apr 13, 2017


This calendar app is very different. It works perfectly.


Complete Circle Callender ★★★★★

by medl62 – Apr 13, 2017


Admirably ornate and Functional yet simple to use Calendar. 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞


Useful and Organized. Worth the money. ★★★★★

by Duane Jecht – Apr 13, 2017


Everything is on a proper place where u won't get be finger-hassled while using it. :)


Good ★★★★★

by alec.leo – Apr 13, 2017


Very nice and helpful.... Get yours


Learning Curve..but slick ★★★★

by D-weeb – Apr 8, 2017


For those of us with difficulty processing time linearly this is great. More integration + intuitive UI on the next update will mean 5 stars



Natural Calendar ★★★★★

by tnljba1 – Feb 6, 2017


WoW - love The clean design and easy navigation - circle gets a bid getting used too but when you are used too charts watches and globes it more intuitive and fun to use this as a calendar



Elegant and useful  ★★★★★

byblueridgehiker - Dec 3, 2016


I find that presenting my existing apple or gmail calendar calendar data in a circular form, which shows daily, monthly, or yearly cycles, is closer to reality, and gives me a more wholistic grasp on priorities. What is great is that this app will grab whatever is in your google or apple calendar(s) and show it in the circle format. Or you can generate appointments and events in the app also. I have created several sub calendars with different colors, which results in a very visually compelling presentation of my day. Friendly interface, creative concept, plays well with others(google calendar and/or apple calendar) Great " out of the box thinking" !



土屋正さんのデジタル版 ★★★★★

bysugiharaz - Aug 8, 2016

To doは時計にはりつけろ! リストじゃダメだ。 pen-infoの土屋さんが言う通り。 ポストイットでもいいし、 こちらのアプリでもいい。 やることの見える化を!



Great innovative app ★★★★★

byLwm5 - Mar 20, 2016


This is a fantastic app. I wish you guys made a wrist watch with this format. This very inventive and unique time format provides me with excellent situational awareness. This app provides a visual template of the day and month that is very conducive to becoming very efficient. I love this app.



CircleTime ★★★★★

byTheHelenaR - Jan 11, 2016


Amazing application with perfect visualization. The best for those who want to see the results and love to control



GREAT APP ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️  ★★★★★

by CandleLightMusicNote - Version - 1.6.9 - Sep 13, 2015


GREAT APP! i am using it. i love the looks also and it is so easy to use. And i love the record button activity button. i love the white line to show daylight. i love that it is sync with Apple calendar. My battery is doing great so i guess it is energy friendly :)))). i love the menu, i love the swipes, i love the month and weird, to go back in time, i need to drag to the right. But hey, i love Back to the future ... lol i have plenty ideas to make it grow. Please contact me. Thank You.



I like it a lot. Makes sense to see time as a circle. ★★★★

by davebenz - Version - 1.6.9 - Jun 25, 2015


I made a suggestion that they make it so June is at the very bottom, and December is at the very top. That makes the most sense to me since June is the 6th month (so the 6:00 position in the circle, and December is the 12th month (so the 12:00 position in the circle. As it is, they are a little off-kilter. Let's see how responsive they are.



Great app! ★★★★

by tlc57 - Version - 1.6.9 - Mar 19, 2015


The new way to look at your schedule



That is the one ★★★★★

by Laslappas - Version - 1.6.8 - Jan 20, 2015


It is "the" agenda. Absolutely unbeatable



Exactly what I was looking for ★★★★

by VISORNX01 - Version - 1.6.8 - Jan 31, 2015


This is a great app to increase your situational awareness of your entire day's schedule. It would be nice to see a landscape view in the future.



Твердая пять ★★★★★

by - Version - denisper by - Version - 1.6.8 by - Version - Oct 2, 2014


Да, это то что нужно: Четкая работа (пользуюсь ipad2 16 wifi ios8.0.2) Необычный дизайн Удобный интерфейс Для таких приложений и создавались планшеты



Circle Time is great ★★★★★

by - Version - Kimd1234 by - Version - 1.6.8 by - Version - Sep 25, 2014


I needed a 24 hr calendar- this works perfectly for me - having the ability to plan my entire day and see it all at once is invaluable. I am now able to maintain stronger healthy habits regarding drinking more water, not missing meals and being more physically active. It syncs perfectly with Awesome Calendar- which has the printing capability the IPhone calendar lacks - I have the best of everything by using Circle Time!!!!!



アナログイメージがGOOD ★★★★

by カントリー息子 - Version 1.6.4 - May 16, 2014


正直を言うと、もう少し見やすくして欲しいが、 アナログの円形イメージで時間を表示するのはこのアプリ以外ない。 カラーバリエーションを増やしてほしい。




by Happy in Jesus - Version 1.6.4 - Apr 16, 2014


I am attracted to visual creativity. This app has taken my linear calendar logic and bent it into a digital donut! It is sweet and wholesome at the same time. Sweet because it is intuitive and clever. Wholesome because it is unified in concept. And the instruction manual is easy to digest because it is sparse on words and heavy on visuals.



Great innovative app ★★★★★

by Lwm5 - Version 1.6.4 - Apr 3, 2014


This is a fantastic app. I wish you guys made a wrist watch with this format. This very inventive and unique time format provides me with excellent situational awareness. This app provides a visual template of the day and month that is very conducive to becoming very efficient. I love this app.



Nice ★★★★

by Marjohbar - Version 1.6.4 - Apr 5, 2014


Nice. Easy to use, easy to plan your day. However a moth or week view, which is just as easy to use is missing



Vista settimana ★★★★

by Arguo - Version 1.6.4 - Mar 19, 2014


Grazie molto bella. Sarebbe molto utile la vista settimana



Endlich ein Kalender für's 21.Hahrhundert ★★★★★

by Moserma - Version 1.6.2 - Jan 4, 2014


Nach kurzer Eingewöhnung möchte ich keine andere Kalenderapp mehr nutzen. Einfach, praktisch und übersichtlich. Nur zu empfehlen.



Fritz49 ★★★★★

by Fritz49 - Version 1.6.2 - Dec 6, 2013


Einmal etwas anders. Warum nicht. Mir gefällt die APP. VIELEN DANK.



Fantastic! ★★★★★

by Sanders1726 - Version 1.6 - Nov 4, 2013


This app is a fantastic new take on the "old standard" way of looking at a planner. The graphic layout is a lot of fun and very intuitive. It seems a little odd at first but the more you use it, the more you realize that this is the way you think of dates and time in your head already. Only now, you don't have to convert it. It's just right there in front of you on your screen. The app sync's to the phone's original planner so you can still see all of your events in either format you wish. As for me, I just buried the old planner in a folder of standard apps that come with the iPhone but I don't use and can't delete. Customer service is great too. I wrote them an email with an idea for a little "tweek" that I thought might make the app a bit better. The strangest thing happened... THEY WROTE BACK THE NEXT DAY! Thought I had a good idea and they would try to implement it on the next update. Nice to see a company actually listen to their users for a change. Great app from a great company. Download it now and give yourself a few days to get used to it. You won't go back!



sehr gut.... ★★★★

by Iff53 - Version 1.5.3 - Sep 3, 2013


ist mal eine andere Idee 👍. Funktioniert mit allen Kalendern . Habe schwarz genommen, da weiß mir zu grell ist. Wenn weitere Farbthemen kommen, würde ich 5 Sterne sofort geben.



Это супер удобный визуальный планировщик дня и даже года )) ★★★★★

by Shureeken - Version 1.0 - Aug 21, 2013


Это супер удобный визуальный планировщик дня и даже года ))



RGGM ★★★★★

by Rggmlga - Version 1.3 - Mar 21, 2013


Muy buena 👍👍👌



Muy buena e innovadora ★★★★

by AlanVirr - Version 1.3 - Mar 15, 2013


Falta idioma español




Great app! ★★★★★

by Eyerisss - Version 1.2 - Jan 20, 2013


Great kalendar with inovative style, nice looking,very handy with all options and info regarding sunlight, dates, timing,reminders...defenetly a 5* :) Iris




Großartige Idee ★★★★★

by Jürgen Seidenberger - Version 1.0 - Jul 16, 2012


Endlich mal was neues - Nicht immer der gleiche Mist. Jetzt bitte noch in deutscher Sprache.




Awesome app ★★★★★

by BenJBen - Version 1.0 - Jul 18, 2012


I really like this app. It is useful and it help me to better organize my day and it is definitely calendar of future. The graphic are flawless and the UI is outstanding and simple. And so far i didn't have any problems and it didn't crash on my iPhone 4. And once when u start using this app u will never look on the time the same way again. Great job on a great app. Highly recommended!




I'm digging this App ★★★★

by GlassOnion_73 - Version 1.0 - Jul 16, 2012


Circletime is a refreshing change to iOS calendar/event Apps.




A unique way of viewing your calendar ★★★★★

by Tony Randall - Version 1.0 - Jul 19, 2012


After playing experimenting with the various buttons I have decided that CircleTime provides a unique and faster method of viewing my calendar AND appointments for the day. I now have this app on my iPhone and iPad and use it instead of the built in calendar app.




Fat fingers! ★★★

by Seeps - Version 1.0 - Jul 17, 2012


First, I love the innovative and beautiful approach this developer has taken to creating a unique look and feel to an area of ios that has seen so many poor solutions. Here are my thoughts: Speed: right now this tool is slow. I'm sure as time goes by it will be tweaked to increase performance but there is a serious lag in displaying when you switch views. So much so that you think you haven't actually tap the icon to switch and do it again. Fingers: I don't have fat or thin fingers but if you have fingers nails you will start cursing. The downside is that since it is so beautifully produce the control points to move from day to day are too small. If you are in a rush, you'll soon get frustrated. iPad? This app would be the most sought after tool for the iPad. Why? Because on a larger scale most of the downsides disappear. The only thing then is speed. Which I'm sure will go away over time. I still love the look and feel, it will stay on the iPhone for now and I'll look forward to an update when the developer has had a chance to breath. It would have had four stars if the speed issue wasn't there.




I love it! ★★★★★

by Najitsabes - Version 1.0 - Aug 7, 2012


great little app. keep up the good work.




Großartige Idee  ★★★★★

by Jürgen Seidenberger - Version 1.0 - Jul 16, 2012


Endlich mal was neues - Nicht immer der gleiche Mist. Jetzt bitte noch in deutscher Sprache.




avNo iPad Universal version ★★★

by - Version 1.0 - Jul 17, 2012


Please provide a Universal Version to be used on new iPad. Then you will earn 5 Stars.