Tips & tricks

1. Jump to current day.


Double tap within the inner circle to return to the current date.

2. Look up how long until your upcoming period, fertile days, childbirth...


Tap on a desired date and Freya will display the number of days it is apart from the current date.

3. Freya suggests a sex position for the current day.


A random illustrated position for each day - Freya presents only the most useful ones. Those are the ones you're already familiar with anyway. Or perhaps not? Just an extra feature intended for entertainment and fun. And just like the pregnancy info, positions can also be shared with friends via social networks. Simply swipe to the desired sex pose, then tap the share button.

4. Notify your friends about your pregnancy.


The expected due date can be shared with your friends and family on various social networks. This way you can let people closest to you know that you are expecting and also have them guess whether its a boy or a girl.


The pregnancy news can be shared with a simple tap of the share button and then selecting the desired social network.

we are expecting a baby girl or boy