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CircleTime - a completely different calendar


Ljubljana - 4th May 2022


The iOS app, spinning round calendar CircleTime, returns with its distinctive circular presentation, which wholly encompasses natural cycles and occurrences such as seasons, solstices and equinoxes, daylight and moonlight length, moon phase and visibility, and also a weather forecast for daily, weekly and monthly view.


With its automatically changing colour themes - the day and the eye-friendly night theme - it makes a perfect choice for all who see things outside of standard bounds!


CircleTime works on all iPhones and iPads with iOS 15 or newer, and does not require registration with a user account. It can be downloaded from the App Store here: After a 7-day free trial you can choose between monthly and annual subscription, which can be cancelled at any time.


You can learn more about this unique calendar on the website and on its App Store page.


The app is a product of an original idea by a development studio Galilea, d.o.o., and has been completely reworked for its latest release.


"Regardless if you are an adventurer exploring the world, or a businessman juggling with projects, CircleTime is a gain for all who wish to take optimal advantage of their time", said the developers from Galilea.


Additional information is available on the website:





Dejan Durini

Galilea, razvojni studio, d.o.o.


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